Reshape your Workspace Culture!

About Us

Weekdays will assist Professionals, Entreprenuers, Project Managers, Department head and Others to manage their work and projects in structured manner. It manages everything at one Place. It helps to :

  • Plan and Deliver work efficiently
  • Automate scheduling of repetitive tasks
  • Optimization in Work Allocation
  • Visualize multiple reports on one page
  • Resource Utilisation


Project / Task manager

Weekdays enable team to manage work in organized and efficient manner.

Data Manager

Weekdays enable you to accumulate all data at one place in pre defined format, It brings standardization.

Document Manager

Weekdays enable you to bifurcate various document, and makes retrival process smooth.

Billing Manager

Weekdays enable to ensure raising invoices for all services rendered it prevents revenue leakage.

Time Sheets

Weekdays enable you to analyse time spent by your team on various clients and Project

Expense Manager

Weekdays manages expense claims, It prevents unauthorized approval and provides Expense reports.